Community Mobilization:This category recognizes group and community efforts and initiatives that use various platforms of social media effectively for social and developmental purpose.

Crowd Funding:This category involves efforts, which give a kick-start to ideas and initiatives that look at raising funds through the use of social media platforms. This is about, how does one use the art of collecting the fund by raising monetary contribution from the crowd for the project, making the use of social media.

Communication, Advocacy & Development Activism:This category recognizes the efforts and initiatives that use social media mechanism and platforms as a tool for advocacy, for building opinions and converting them as a tool for development activism.

Social Commerce & Enterprise:This category is dedicated to recognizing those pioneers who are using Social Media to attract large audience and leveraging them for their socio-commercial products and services.

Citizen Journalism:This category acknowledges initiatives by open media enthusiasts who use social media platforms as a channel to broadcast the views, real time stories s and pictures for those who are voiceless and may not have any mainstream media platform.

Public Relations:This category recognizes the efforts where one has used social media as a PR tool and has been successful and effective to put across views and right messages to the desired constituencies.

Women Empowerment:This category acknowledges those social media practices that are breaking the stereotypical image of women and projecting women related issues to find a solution and a way to their empowerment.

Social Games & Entertainment:This category recognises innovative initiatives on social media, which have enabled joy, fun, entertainment and gaming possible and made it popular.

Social Apps:This category recognizes innovative apps that ride on the social media, its methodologies and its principles for greater impact.