Cyber-Gyan India is all set to teach Net-Etiquettes to the community

Cyber-Gyan India is Mohit Sahu’s individual campaign in collaboration with Chattisgarh Infosec Society.

Cyber Gyan believes that being aware about cybercrime/law and protection techniques is key factor in reducing cybercrime. It targets some local groups, communities and schools that talk about ‘etiquettes’ (sanskar) but not netiquette (cyber sanskar)

The mission is to promote cyber security awareness, offer self-protection techniques, discuss methods to secure personal information, create awareness about cyber crimes and law, help people reach out to cyber cell, provide an online helpline forum, fight against cybercrime, provide free security consultancy to government organisations.

The biggest challenge he faced was to reach out to maximum number of people. To overcome the challenge, he used social media as tool to spread awareness about cyber threats and safety. Cyber Gyan discourages hacking as it may lead to charges of data stealing but encourages and takes trainings on ‘ethical hacking’.

Sahu is taking Cyber Gyan sessions across the country and envisions to collaborate with the Ministry of Human Resource Development to include a regular classroom credit course for school students about cyber safety.

Cyber laws in this country are too vulnerable and lack clarity on a lot of issues. Thus, Sahu feels that cyber laws should be made global as the crime which is being dealt with is in the ‘virtual world.’

“Social Media for Empowerment Award 2016 has encouraged me to scale-up this initiative. Platforms like these provide an opportunity to network, collaborate with other organisations.”, says Sahu.