Initiative: Endlessly Green
Organization: Endlessly Green
Country: India
Facebook: @SavitaHiremath
Twitter: @SavitaHiremath

Endlessly Green is an environmental blog run by former journalist Savita Hiremath. It offers end-to-end integrated solutions to problems of the environment with a focus on source segregation, composting organic gardening and food safety, among others. To support her awareness and advocacy efforts online, she holds public meetings and interactions with government and other stakeholders to create consciousness around efficient solid waste management.

Endless Green leverages social media well, particularly Facebook, to reach out to a wider audience and awaken the conscious of citizens to lead environmentally sustainable lives. The Facebook page also shares best practices from around the world to encourage solid waste management and efficient energy consumption, besides low-cost alternatives to activities that harm the environment. Most recently, Endlessly Green were made available to readers via WhatsApp through a dedicated group where members discuss composting at a large scale and alternate solutions for a healthier environment. The success of the blog invited Greenpeace to pick the author, Savita, to promote composting pan-India in October 2017 and host a workshop for influencers in Mumbai.