Over the years, Social Media has proved itself mightier than the sword. Each sector, be it commercial, educational or developmental, are embracing social media channels not only to connect and convey but also to make a difference.. The South Asian people are struggling with many challenges i.e, poverty, gender discrimination, terrorism, unemployment, massive under development are name to few. In this age of Information technology, most of the south Asian countries are experiencing biasness and slavery due to lack of social rights and poor governance.
With these problems, common men of South Asian countries need a platform where they can gather and speak without any fear on the issues which are forbidden to discuss openly. Social Media has provided them freedom of expression. It is gradually becoming an empowering and growth tool in the region.With “Social Media for Development & Change”, Digital Empowerment Foundation is greeting the very spirit of social media and the potential it possess. This initiative will not only recognize and honor best social media initiatives for empowerment but also bring Social Media experts and government agents from 8 South Asian countries on one platform who will share their best practices and success stories with participants to inspire them.


The program is unique because:
1. It will work out concrete ways to increase understanding, cooperation and peace among the region;
2. It will give social media practitioners a platform to scale up their dreams;
3. It will benefit the communities with the fruit of ICT revolution through various workshops and action-
oriented sessions which will prove helpful for them to gain full social inclusion;
4. It will promote healthy and constructive communication among participating countries.


Objectives of the program:
1. To synergize efforts and dialogues on social media and how it can become an efficient tool for real work and inspire others to utilize it in bringing positive change;
2. To make a vast pool of talent of Social Media evangelists to share and feed knowledge so that decision making can be improved;
3. To recognize, honor and encourage best social media practices through “Social Media for Development & Change” Awards;
4. To organize 4 workshops on different project locations to impart knowledge on social media tools in order to empower communities and continue the spirit of subject Live;
5. To create a regional network of Social Media Experts to facilitate the use of Social Media among participating countries and create regional cooperation,collaboration and network;
6. To demonstrate the best social media initiatives, practices and success stories from 8 South Asian Countries during main event;
7. To provide attendees a wider forum for strategic alliances, partnerships building and structured network opportunity;
8. To build a tribe of followers through social media that grows organically and can contribute in overall development of the region;
9. To create effective community network that will share authentic information on social changes and developmental activities through social media;
10. To provide a platform to the existing as well as upcoming social media initiatives for scaling up.