Initiative: Khabar Lahariya
Organization: Me Too Open Letter
Facebook: @khabarlahariya
Twitter: @KhabarLahariya
Location: Delhi, India

In the conversations around #MeToo, the voice of the rural and small town women reporters from lesser privileged circumstances and socio-economic situations, with little or no access to support groups or social media platforms have been glaringly absent. In light of this, Khabar Lahariya, an Indian newspaper, started the ‘#MeToo Open Letter’ to draw attention to the rural and small town women journalists. Khabar Lahariya is an Indian newspaper, published in various rural dialects of Hindi, including Bundeli, Bajjika dialect and Avadhi. The newspaper was started by Nirantar, a New Delhi-based non-governmental organisation which focuses on gender and education. Initially seen as a women-only publication, it now covers local political news, local crime reports, social issues and entertainment, all reported from a feminist perspective. Their initiative was featured in various English language digital media platforms and Hindi print media, which led to Khabar Lahariya editors being invited on TV shows, panels, and interviews.