Initiative: “Shunyakal”
Organization: Shunyakal (????????)
Country: India
Facebook: @shunyakal
Twitter: @shunyakalnews

The Zero Hour holds great importance in the Indian parliamentary system. It gives members of parliament the chance to raise important issues without prior permission. Realising the importance of this hour, Shunkyakal is platform that gives the common man, especially the marginalised and oppressed communities, their Zero Hour. Driven through its social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, Shunyakal allows largely voiceless people, who find no space in mainstream media for themselves or their issues, to raise pertinent issues through a bottom-up approach.

Shunkyakal also aims to become a platform where the administration and the government can directly listen to the voices of the people from the ground. Shunkyakal is an initiative that is run from no office space but relies completely on volunteers to curate these voices and make them public via social media platforms. In one sense, Shunkyakal is the zero hour for the parliament of the common people, by the common people and for the common people.