Initiative: Voice Of Azamgarh Community Radio
Organization: Voice Of Azamgarh Community Radio
Country: India
Twitter: NA
Website: NA

Voice of Azamgarh Community Radio Station was started in 2011 with the vision of holistic development for the community members of Anjan Shaheed village of Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. Devoid of any other radio station in Azamgath, this community radio station has become the real voice of the community and has dedicated shows to create awareness regarding pertinent everyday issues, identify local latent, preserve regional culture, and empower the marginalised people, especially women.

Besides using the community radio as a prime medium for dissemination of information, Voice of Azamgarh uses social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter, to build an online community of conscious citizens, create awareness among community members about pertinent issues, empower them with information, and encourage a problem-solving approach among community members. They use their social media presence to talk about health, hygiene, voters’ rights, democracy, government schemes and other local issues, thus encouraging community dialogue and participation.