Women Empowerment – Winner 2014

Project Title : Quasar- The Whisper Campaign
Contact Person : Charu Gupta
Email : charu.gupta@groupm.com
Country : India
Website : www.whisper.co.in/en-in/home.aspx
Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/YouGoGirlIndia?fref=photo

The Whisper Campaign on Facebook was aimed at breaking period-related social taboos among women. A 2013 survey showed that as many as 65% of urban women perceived “monthly period” as coming in the way of achieving their full potential wile more than half practice menstrual taboos such as not touching pickles during periods, not watering plants and so on. The campaign, therefore, picked on the metaphor “Touch the Pickle” to stand for not just touching the pickle but breaking free from all period related taboos. The campaign was run for 10 weeks and was broken down into several phases. The campaign used a Facebook application to introduce a video #Touchthepickle and enlisted the support of celebrities such as DrSuneela Garg, MandiraBedi, KalkiKoechlinetc to show that while there were some valid reasons for period taboos in the past,those reasons are no longer true with new technologies, new products, proper sanitation facilities and new lifestyles. The campaign managed to reach more than 43 million people and generated more than 96.7% positive sentiment for the campaign and the brand.
Women Empowerment – Winner 2014

Project Title : Mobile Vani
Contact Person : Sonali Khan
Email : sonali@breakthrough.tv
Country : India
Website : www.gramvaani.org/?page_id=830
Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/gramvaani

Mobile Vaani, a project of GraamVaani, is a voice-based social media platform specifically meant for rural and low-income communities. As part of Mobile Vaani, Jharkhand Mobile Vaani (JMV) in partnership with Breakthrough ran a month-long mobile-based radio campaign to generate awareness among people about the perils of child marriage. The objectives of the campaign were to generate awareness regarding the hazards of early marriage; solicit people’s responses for the reasons of early marriage in their community; elicit case studies of early marriage from the community and generate a discussion on the issue of early marriage and its implication on the lives of the girl child; and elicit recommendations from the people as to how to put an end to the malpractice. JMV created two radio programs with weekly episodes that were repeated twice a week.

Content was sourced from listener feedback and opinions received on JMV and stitched together with drama/song/expert interview (when available). Promotions were created to inform people about the campaign, provide latest updates, giving episode related information, comment/opinion solicitation. The campaign reached 17 Jharkhand districts with over 150,000 voice and SMS in four months (September to December 2013) and attracted more than 35,000 unique callers.

Project Title : MARD by Every Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person : Khyati Madaan
Email : khyati@everymedia.in
Country :Nepal
Website : www.everymedia.in
Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/EveryMediaTechnologiesPvtLtd?v=wall

The Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD) campaign was conceived after the brutal murder of PallaviPurkayastha, a Mumbai lawyer, in August 2012 by her watchman for fighting for her dignity because he tried to sexually assault her. Farhan Akhtar launched the campaign in March 2013. The campaign aims to raise social awareness against rape and discrimination of women by trying to change the popular meaning of MARD or masculinity and gives it a new definition. The offline and online campaign was majorly supported by digital marketing on Facebook.

The objectives were to increase social awareness about the cause, create buzz and excitement around the IPL event and make MARD a talking point across social media platforms. A self-propelled active community was built for members to discuss, share and promote relevant content. Young guns were invited to take charge who pledged to be a real MARD. Every MARD post crossed 500+ views with the highest being the ‘Believe in equality for everyone’ which currently stands at 3,583 views. South superstar Mahesh Babu and renowned cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh rendered their voice for a MARD poem. The campaign succeeded in creating a community of 2,65,000 + members.