Citizen and Community Media – 4
1 ChalChitra Abhiyaan ChalChitra Abhiyaan India Download
2 The Stories of Change The Stories of Change India Download
3 Feminism In India Feminism In India (FII) Hindi India Download
4 The Better India The Better India India Download
Disaster & Crisis Management – 1
5 Adivasi Lives Matter “ALM Emergency COVID-19 relief for Adivasis – Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG)” India Download
Education, Health, and Well being – 7
6 Sesame Workshop India Sesame Workshop India India Download
7 Aaina Vrinda India Download
8 Apurupa Vatsalya Apurupa Vatsalya India Download
9 Ministry of Education “e-thaksalawa” Sri Lanka Download


Tarun Bharat Sangh “Let’s know Our Rivers (Aao Nadi Ko Jaanein)” India Download
11 The YP Foundation Vineeta Rana India Download
12 Smile Foundation Shiksha Na Ruke India Download
Rights, Advocacy and Community Mobilisation – 4
13 Assam Police #DontBeASharent India Download
14 Life At Lahore LifeAtLahore Pakistan Download
15 Hashtag Generation Crisis Response Unit (CRU) Sri Lanka Download
16 Rohit Jain Empathy Through Photos India Download
Social Inclusion – 1
17 Sadhna “Sadhna a social initative by women (community led mutual trust org)” India Download