About Social Media for Empowerment Awards

The Digital Empowerment Foundation has always been committed to discovering ICT solutions for underserved areas in order to create a more equitable and inclusive South Asia. By launching the “Socialmedia4empowerment” portal, which brings social media evangelists under one roof to interact and communicate with the globe in the belief that “changes do happen,” it is expanding its identical credo of communicating and empowering people, this time “through social media.”

The SOCIAL MEDIA FOR EMPOWERMENT (SM4E) AWARDS honours and recognises the best social media efforts in the region for addressing significant development and transformational changes via innovative use of social media (SAR). The New Delhi, India-based SM4E Award has been run since 2013.


  • To scout, identify, recognise, and promote innovative good practices in using Social Media for Empowerment, Inclusion and Development in South Asia.
  • To build and strengthen knowledge banks and resources around social media practices for policy and programme relevance.