A new category introduced for the year 2020, it recognises initiatives helping communities cope with Covid-19. Any solution-based program working to ease issues born out of or during the pandemic may apply under this category.

Blogging, Vlogging & Storytelling

This category recognises the initiatives which used blogs, vlogs and/or storytelling to successfully and effectively put across views and right messages to the desired audience.

Citizen Media & Journalism

This category acknowledges initiatives by open media enthusiasts who use social media platforms as a channel to broadcast their views, real time stories and pictures for those who are voiceless and may not have any mainstream media platform.

Community Mobilisation

This category recognises group or community efforts and initiatives that use various platforms of social media effectively for social and developmental purposes.

Communication, Advocacy & Development Activism

This category recognises efforts and initiatives that use social media mechanism and platforms as a tool for advocacy, building opinions and converting them into development activism. Initiatives taken to improve online safety and security associated with using social media will be nominated under this category.

Social Commerce, Crowdsourcing and Crowd Funding

This category recognises initiatives and efforts that turned to crowdsourcing, crowd funding or crowd economy to turn their ideas into reality. This also recognises projects/organisations using social media to attract a global audience for their socio-commercial products.

Social Inclusion

This category acknowledges social media practices that include and are vocal about issues related to diversifying gender (women empowerment), LGBTIQ+, differently-abled, inclusive of religion, caste, race and ethnicity.