Evaluation Criteria

The Award jury committee shall look for distinct goals, innovation and efficient implementation, and concrete and measurable outcomes.

  • Content & Services: Quantify the quality of content and services delivery, the relevance of content and its utility value.
  • Impact & Sustainability: The social impact & the viability of the application/product.
  • Functionality/Navigation: User-friendliness & interactive nature of the application & its features.
  • Interface & Visual Design: Usability as well as the Design of applications having larger user preference, and aesthetic value.
  • Target audience & strategy: Information on the intended audience, the overall approach to reach them, and the strategy to achieve the intended objectives.
  • USP & Strategic Value/Features: Uniqueness of the idea & the easiness of strategy replication.
  • Execution & Implementation: Procedures of carrying out & executing the innovation, and idea according to the market / society demand.
  • Details of any challenges faced and how these were overcome: Uniqueness of the difficulties encountered and solutions found. Also the end results of overcoming these difficulties
  • Accessibility: Cost-effectiveness matching social and economic capital of different user groups with diverse needs in different income brackets.
  • Overall Experience: The user base & overall user experience regarding the application/content