Digital outreach medium and social media platforms are playing a critical role by involving millions of people in real time. Social media is an illustrious & most potent democratic tool of empowerment, promotion, participation, commerce, cause, campaign, activism, among others.
In an effort to identify how social media platforms have been utilized for their campaign-and-cause based programmes, Digital Empowerment Foundation initiated Social Media and Empowerment as a special award of the Manthan Asia Pacific Award to honor and recognize how social media can be used as a catalyst for communication, spreading awareness and fulfilling their mission and needs.

• Discuss social Media with the objective from the finalist presentation of the jury process. Take learnings from the information that the entire finalist shared yesterday
• Discuss on using social media as tool of empowerment for the projects like “Human Welfare Association-Mahila Shakti” and discuss on how much effort required for accelerating such kind of projects
• To gather some of the learnings, Share some of the practices and identify some critical issues on social media