for establishing a local communication network to address the problems of tribal communities of Nandurbar

Initiative: Aadiwasi Janjagruti
Organization: Aadiwasi Janjagruti
Facebook: @aadiwasijanjagruti
Twitter: @AJanjagruti
Location: Maharashtra, India

Aadiwasi Janjagruti is a medium for the people of Nandurbar District, Maharashtra, India, covering the local issues. The mainstream media and news media often do not cover issues of hyperlocal communities of rural India. This platform employs local citizens to provide people of the community with an audio-visual platform to address their grievances in multiple tribal and other vernaculars.

The approach of Aadiwasi Janjagruti establishes a community channel between the people and the government to avoid instances of development without notification to the people or even corruption.

Aadiwasi Janjagruti used videos to highlight and address issues such as the water crisis of Aamkhedi, Domkhedi, and Kanjyapani villages; corruption caused by Mini Banks and government rationing shops during the Covid-19 virus. Moreover, the citizens are given agency to voice their concerns while also becoming more aware.