Aangan Trust shows the power of standing up for a child through ‘everyday people stories’

Aangan Trust believes that child protection should be everyone’s business. It aims to empower the general public to take action when they see a child in distress, be that sexual abuse, bullying, school drop-out, child labour, harm and abuse, etc. To raise awareness and disseminate information, it launched and spearheaded the #ActNow campaign.

Last year, Aangan Trust used a mix of social and traditional media, round table conferences and events  to encourage conversations and action from children, parents, institutions and government. everyday people stories show the general public the power of action and standing up for a child.

At Aangan, all the resources are invested in child protection. #ActNow did not have a big budget and so they leveraged the power of social media to get their messages across to as many people as possible. Their facebook and Twitter official channels don’t have a huge amount of followers, this is why they reached out to influencers who saw the importance of #ActNow and supported us by sharing the campaign.

“Winning was a wonderful surprise and a great honor. We think the award will help us create new partnerships with social and traditional media influencers who can further promote #ActNow and raise awareness on child protection in India and what people can do when they see a child in distress,” said Alexandra Birladianu.


Website: www.aanganindia.org

Facebook: facebook.com/aanganindiaorg

Twitter: twitter.com/Aangan_Trust