Initiative: Adivasi Lives Matter
Organization: Adivasi Lives Matter
Facebook: @AdivasiLivesMatter
Twitter: @AdivasisMatter
Location: Maharashtra, India

Adivasi Lives Matter (ALM) is an initiative started by Ankush Vengurlekar and Isha Chitnis in late 2017 with an aim to increase the representation and recognition of India’s indigenous peoples in media, both traditional as well as online. Journalists, photographers and filmmakers from indigenous communities are barely known. The narrative of indigenous people has usually been decided by non-indigenous people who are insensitive to representation. The aim of ALM is to amplify the voices of India’s indigenous peoples by enabling and incubating indigenous talent. They aim to be a part of the increasing indigenous pride movement by providing a platform to the indigenous storytellers to tell their own stories; increase affirmative representation on social media platforms and build empathy among indigenous and non-indigenous peoples to reduce violence and discriminatory behavior.