Initiative: AHanna Listen Foundation
Organization: Bridging the disability gap through provision of an effective communication system
Facebook: @ahannalisten
Twitter: @askfromkasun
Location: Matara, Sri Lanka

Ahanna Listen Foundation seeks to promote the well being of persons with hearing disabilities in Sri Lanka through a range of services including development of innovative communication software, skill development, and catalyzing employment of youth with hearing disabilities. With the aim to take formal sign language to the deaf community through visual medium, Ahanna Listen Foundation introduced an application called ‘Sanvaadha’. Offering the text and audio facility for the general public to communicate easily, Sanvaadha uses GIF animation technology to reach out to the deaf. This application plays a role of sign language interpreter in the everyday life of children and adults with hearing impairment. It concentrates on different skill areas such as sign language, lip reading, along with regular reading and writing. Focus on computer literacy for the children with hearing impairments is also ensured through the application.