for creating a platform for online sessions around people’s experiences during the covid 19 pandemic.

Initiative: Apni Baithak
Organization: Apni Baithak
Twitter:  NA
Location: Delhi, India

Apni Baithak is an initiative conducted through Instagram peer to peer session to help people overcome common challenges due to the pandemic while reducing stress levels and encouraging positivity. To bridge the gap between those contributing to the development of society and those at the other end, the panel talks were hosted by entrepreneurs, social workers, journalists, NGO heads, etc.

There was an added focus on making the sessions more engaging and motivating by posing questions to the speakers from the audience and the host.

Through applications such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, Apni Baithak has been able to inspire those with a zen to pursue their passion and change their outlook during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. With each session having influencers such as — Akansha Batra, a doctorate student of the University of California, and a casting director, Sanjeev Maurya, the audience presented follow-up engagements for their concerns during the pandemic.