Initiative: Ayman Sadiq
Organization: Ayman Sadiq
Facebook: @aymansadiq10
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ayman Sadiq is a teacher, trainer and educator who has been developing ways to facilitate access to quality education for students in Bangladesh, since 2013. He is the Founder and CEO of 10 Minute School, the largest online educational platform in Bangladesh that provides online education to more than 350,000 students every day. So far he has touched the lives of 1 million students across the country.

Furthermore, through his personal Facebook and YouTube accounts, he shares free online tutorials and vlogs on self-development, communication skills and corporate grooming that reaches over to 300,000 students every day. His goal is to reach out to 40 million students in Bangladesh, which includes students in the rural and remote parts of the country, where the school dropout rate is normally high, and enable them with relevant skills for quality employment and entrepreneurship.