Initiative: Bhadipa
Organization: Bharatiya Digital Party
Country: India
Facebook: @bhadipa
Twitter: @BhaDiPa

Bharatiya Digital Party aka Bhadipa was the first exclusively Marathi YouTube channel that continues to be one of the biggest players in the online Marathi market even today. Launched with the realisation that there wasn’t enough Marathi content that youth could relate to, Bhadipa aims to give a platform to Maharashtra’s youth creators and bring back the ‘cool quotient’ in regional language entertainment.

Bhadipa hosts all its content on YouTube where it has organically reached 1,40,000 subscribers. Further, it uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to maximise the reach of its audio-visual content and engage with the audience. It frequently uses polls, interacts with followers through comments and does live Q&A with fans. These and other efforts have helped Bhadipa to build a growing and strong fans base who not only view the audio-visual content but even feel motivated to buy their merchandise. Bhadipa is determined to deliver more innovative and creative content to the state’s youth.