for running a campaign to raise awareness on online saftey for the children

Initiative: #OnlineSafetyForChildren
Organization: Child Rights and You (CRY)
Facebook: NA
Twitter: NA
Location: Maharashtra, India

With a rise in children accessing internet-enabled devices, children are more susceptible to cyber-crimes such as trolling, stalking, morphing, and more. #OnlineSafetyForChildren is a social media campaign by Child Right and You (CRY) to initiate discussions and create awareness around children’s safety on the internet.

The process of how children are exposed to cyber safety hazards like bullying, addiction, exposure to inappropriate content, etc. is often missed. The campaign — #OnlineSafetyForChildren aims to highlight these issues and initiate awareness through — long format content with the older audience on Facebook, enable two-way communication on Instagram with its younger audience, start a conversation and receive audience opinion on Twitter, connect with brands and corporates to foster a corporate relationship on LinkedIn, and share information content on YouTube.