CHILDLINE India is making social media communication child-friendly

The notion of child protection needs to be examined and understood beyond the set of policy, legislation and schematic intervention that govern it. Mechanisms and measures to keep children safe need to extend beyond those directly accountable for child protection, to all stakeholders of society. Concepts of child protection need to extend beyond traditional understanding of abuse to look at access and deprivation. To raise awareness and garner support and spread awareness on various child related issues, a surge in website initiatives, social networking sites was put into practice. Platforms being used are Website, Facebook, Youtube, eNewsletters and eMailers. Over the past 3 years, CHILDLINE India Foundation has made a conscious effort to ensure all communication from the organisation is accessible to all children.

“We took the approach of soul-­stirring storytelling, using statistics and real life stories to engage  and evoke reader participation. This works all the time. The Social Media for Empowerment  Award has helped to promote the concepts of child protection,” said Sudesh.