Organisation Name: Shramik Bharti
Contact Parson: Rakesh Kumar Pandey
Country: India
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Waqt ki Awaaz’ community radio was promoted by Shramik Bharti in October 2009 in Bairi Dariyav village of Maitha block in Kanpur Dehat district of Uttar Pradesh. Formal broadcasting started on September 24, 2013. Waqt Ki Awaaz is working as the community’s own medium of communication for dialogue, information and knowledge sharing, and citizen action for empowerment, equity and equality.

Unlike commercial and public sector broadcasters, Waqt Ki Awaaz is uniquely placed in the community. All its producers, grameen reporters, artists and musicians are from the local community itself. Waqt Ki Awaaz provides space to their talent and identity. Programmes are produced in local dialect in order to establish better relationship with the community. As a result, the community feels a closer association and ownership towards the radio, and contribute by sharing their experiences, stories, view, songs or monologues through the radio programmes.

The programmes of Waqt Ki Awaaz reach out to a population of more than 3,00,000 people in about 300 villages. Our listeners includes men, women, children and elderly. Among them are students, artists, shopkeepers, vendors, farmers, cattle rearers, disabled persons and transgenders, among others.

Waqt Ki Awaaz community radio station is striving to become a platform for its listeners to showcase their talents. We bring in views of the mainstream and also of the marginalised to make an inclusive society with everyone contributing, sharing and enjoying equally. We want to be part of the change our listeners want to see in their lives.

Organisation Name:
Contact Parson: Abdul Muqsit
Country: Pakistan
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The portal focuses on various issues of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province such as education, social awareness, politics, events and expo. The overall and vivid objective of the initiative is to make people aware about what’s happening around them at a time when 3G/4G network is rapidly covering the market of online communication, giving everyone a smooth access to technology. has a list of testimonials submitted by key persons of the society including ministers, public figures and politicians. Students around the country have participate in various posts/threads and appreciate the efforts of our team.

A team of dedicated social media enthusiasts work 24/7 to update the portal and its social media accounts. The project has delivered a high quantity of quality content in the past two years. It has collected more than 2,000 stories/news updates on various social media accounts and website. Keeping in mind the quality of the content, the team posts only genuine and authentic updates. has a pre-defined strategy for bringing its start-up to the top in the local market through measures such as dedicated time frame for posting on various social media accounts. It enhanced the professional and social life of its members by providing up-to-date information in the form of text, video and pictures, and exercised caution to ensure they do not fall victim to online dangers. The portal, which was launched in 2013, had 2,48,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook by the end of 2015.