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Finding the spark in everyday life

EverydayMumbai is a photography-based community on Instagram, a social media platform. The project runs entire on community contribution and crowdsourcing mechanism, with it receiving submissions from Instagrammers from all over Mumbai city. Photographers or Mumbai lovers looking to be featured on this page, post the photos on their respective pages with the hashtag #everydaymumbai.

The aim of the project is to share photographs from Mumbai city and its residents. Photographs that highlight various events happening in the city or capture issues that the city is facing are specifically curated for the EverydayMumbai page. The project has managed to reach out to over 1,00,000 followers on Instagram in the last three years, and has shared about 2,00,000 photographs through its page.

EverydayMumbai aims to be a democratic and collective voice of the photographers who document the city, its issues, its life and its people. The photographers featured on its page could be by amateurs or professional photographs, which its curators believe is one of the reasons for its popularity. The idea behind the project is to take the photography beyond newspapers and magazines — as well as outside the realms of art galleries — to the fingertips of the young demographic through channels. The project hopes its audience to be motivated to document their city and be the visual storytellers of Mumbai.

EverydayMumbai has been recognised as a Winner for the year 2017 in the category Citizen Media & Journalism for creating a crowdsourced photography community.

Morango-1Initiative: 60 Second Intl. Film Festival
Organization: Morango
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A minute for bridging cultural gaps

The 60 Second International Film Festival (60SIFF) is a platform created to empower the youth by giving them an opportunity to express themselves. 60SIFF encourages anyone with a story to film their thoughts in 60 seconds. 60SIFF has been successful in fostering a community of participants and viewers, bridging the gap between cultures and creating strong global ties among aesthetically-driven individuals. 60SIFF believes in sharing stories through a visual medium. For its fifth year (2016-17), 60SIFF festival has assigned the theme ‘Dil Say Pakistan – Colours of your Country’ to reinforce values of patriotism, citizenship and civic responsibility. Over the years, 60SIFF has traveled to numerous rural and urban locations in Pakistan; and even expanded its horizons to include emerging international film-makers from countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and Iran, among others. Films coming out of this umbrella are screened to a range of diverse audiences in an equally diverse variety of locations. 60SIFF’s primary audience has always been the youth, with the aim to boost their confidence and provide them with opportunities that may not be available otherwise.

60 Second Intl. Film Festival has been recognised as a Winner for the year 2017 in the category Citizen Media & Journalism for creating a platform to showcase independent films

Chairman's Recommendation

jan ki baatInitiative: Jan Ki Baat
Organization: Jan Ki Baat: Citizen Reporting Network
Facebook: @jankibaatZ
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For, of and by the people

Jan Ki Baat (Voice of the People) is a bilingual (Hindi and English) digital media channel, which uses a network of citizen reporters to deliver news from across the country in the form of short video or audio file. Jan Ki Baat reporters are equipped with smartphones and are active users of social media platforms to broadcast news to their audience in the fasted manner. Jan Ki Baat focuses on broadcasting views of different stakeholders on public issues raised by citizens. The citizen reporters also carry out on-ground live reporting to understand the sentiments of the people on various pertinent news and civic issues. Meanwhile, other citizens who want to share news with Jan Ki Baat reporters are encouraged to upload their videos on its official website or share them through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or even WhatsApp. Jan Ki Baat envisions being India’s first multilingual disruptive digital media channel, with global reach, that leverages citizen reporters to deliver personalised news from across the globe, primarily in the form of videos, supported by pictures and texts. Jan Ki Baat has been recognised for Chairman’s Recommendation for the year 2017 in the category Citizen Media & Journalism for encouraging citizen reporting.