Initiative: One Sign Per Day
Organization: Enable India
Country: India
Facebook: @enable india
Twitter: @enable india

One Sign Per Day is a virtual initiative to spread knowledge of Indian sign language to make the society more inclusive for persons with disability. A subscription-based initiative of Bengaluru-based Enable India, One Sign Per Day broadcasts a micro video of a new word in the Indian sign language every day through a WhatsApp broadcast. This broadcast system, rather than a group, also ensures the privacy and security of subscribers who cannot be disturbed by other subscribers. Enable India also uses Facebook to share these videos. The initiative caters to parents of deaf children, special educators, employers and anybody else who would want to communicate with persons who are hearing impaired.

The need for such an initiative was realised because there are only 250 sign language interpreters in a population of 8 million deaf people in India alone. So far, One Sign Per Day has been able to register more than 1,000 subscribers. Interestingly, Enable India has noticed an increase in demand for these subscriptions at corporates due to the change in policy of hiring persons with disability.