Initiative: Everyday Pakistan
Organization: Everyday Pakistan
Facebook: @everydaypakistanproject
Twitter: @everydaypak
Location: Punjab, Pakistan

Everyday Pakistan is helping its viewers form a balanced view about Pakistan and its people, as opposed to the echo chambers that the media has become, which is propagating biased perspective of the country. For decades, Pakistan has been visually documented through the eyes of foreign photographers. This has created a long legacy of stereotypical images. ‘Everyday Pakistan’ is providing a platform to the native photographers to tell their own stories. As a result, it has had a tremendous impact in bridging the gap between cultures, and creating a space for dialogue and understanding. So while the initiative provides viewers with a nuanced visual narrative on Pakistan, it also successfully erased the stereotypes associated with Pakistan through the visual medium. The discussions surrounding visual vocabulary that the platform facilitates has enriched the emerging photographers from the subcontinent.