for analysing mainstream media’s reporting of Gender based violence from an intersectional feminist perspective

Initiative: The GBVInMedia Campaign: Media Reportage of Gender-based Violence
Organization: Feminism in India
Facebook: @feminisminindia
Twitter: @FeminismInIndia
Location: Delhi, India

The #GBVInMedia is the campaign of Feminism in India (FII) critiquing the reportage of gender-based violence (GBV) within mainstream media by assessing the language framework and addressing it by offering guidelines.

Since the language used by the media influences the audience’s views on GBV and thus, has a long-term impact on social understating of the phenomena, FII created a toolkit through the campaign that includes guidelines to implement gender-sensitive and ethical reporting, generate reporting awareness through workshops for the budding journalists at Journalism Schools in India, and provide 10 copyright free images to depict the cases of rape, sexual violence and assault.

The images provided by the #GBVInMedia campaign are currently used by publications such as the Scroll, News Laundry, Indian Express, and more. Furthermore, the infographics, posters, and videos are shared on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter along with interactive sessions in the chats.