Initiative: Haqdarshak
Organization: Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Pvt Ltd
Country: India
Facebook: @haqdarshak
Twitter: @haqdarshak

Haqdarshak is a repository of welfare schemes from all over the country in multiple regional languages, tailored exclusively to meet the entitlement needs of India’s rural and marginalised population. Through an app-based platform, Haqdarshak is trying to bridge the information and access gap between government welfare schemes and citizens. Further, the technology is built such that it personalises information based on a person’s eligibility and uses easy-to-understand videos to disseminate information about public schemes.

Haqdarshak uses Facebook to engage citizens with its videos and connect with audiences outside its network to increase brand visibility. It uses Twitter to share impact stories from the 10 states where it’s present and to push announcements, job postings and other updates. And it uses Instagram, and its carefully curated hashtags, to share photo stories from the hinterlands with audiences from India and the rest of the world.