for creating a digital community for menstruators around the world to discuss Sexual & Reproductive health

Initiative: Oh My Period!
Organization: HER Pakistan
Facebook: NA
Twitter: NA
Location: Karachi, Pakistan

‘Oh My Period!’ establishes a safe space for menstruators from around the world to learn and share experiences, breaking the taboo and normalise the conversation. By utilising the digital space provided by social media tools such as Closed Groups on Facebook and Instagram’s ability to reach masses though visual content, HER Pakistan initiates individuals to share everyday struggles, thoughts, and doubts concerning menstruation and other sexual and reproductive health concerns.

The Facebook group allowed women to share their experiences and clarify their doubts about menstruation, PCOS, endometriosis, sex, masturbation, pregnancy, and birth control without encountering or fearing judgement. The digital space has allowed to reach a large number of women due to its accessibility factors and empowered women to overcome the social taboo.