Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak, uses social media actively for Public Relations

Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak, leverages the power of social media to interact with corporate leaders and act as a bridge between the corporate and academic world, build goodwill, foster the image of the institute and attract the best minds of the country. Through social media it spreads awareness about issues plaguing the country at large and specifically the state of Haryana and showcase IIMR’s contribution to the society.

The coverage of social initiatives has attracted many volunteers and other newspapers to cover our story. Run for the girl child has become a much-awaited event in Rohtak. With news of all management and cultural events available online, the participation of corporate houses in placements and academic activities is supposed to increase overtime. Sponsorship teams for events like annual fests, conclaves and others receive good response due to the prospect of high visibility that sponsors can get through PR.

Propogating the motto “Management through knowledge and values”, while emphasising that effective managers are those who work for the holistic development of the society they live in.

“Our strategy was to reach the people through multiple touchpoints and deliver a constant message to create the brand image of IIM Rohtak. The execution involved devising teams in 3 verticals: Digital, Editorial and Media. These verticals did not work in silos and co-ordination was ensured through cross functioning to maximize the output. Every team is well trained to handle external communication,” Dr. Suresh Jhakar said.

Backup plans are placed well in order in the rare case of some event witnessing unpredictable difficulties. This is done to avoid negative PR, while maintaining close relationships with media in Delhi, Rohtak and Chandigarh through frequent visits and personal invites.

“Social Media for Empowerment Award 2016 is like hub of knowledge. It’s a great learning curve to meet and interact with so many incredible people with passion to change the world order through creative initiatives. This award is testimony to our efforts so far,” Jhakar added.