Initiative: Ketto
Organization: Ketto
Twitter: @ketto
Location: Maharashtra, India

To empower individuals, NGOs, the corporate community, creative folk and entrepreneurs to fund and raise funds for their favourite causes and ideas using social media and e-commerce, Ketto envisions to help raise funds for the underserved and rural folks. Based out of Mumbai, Ketto is Asia’s most popular online crowdfunding space for social, creative and personal causes. Ketto’s primary objective is to use technology to optimise efficiency, reduce redundancy and increase impact. They work with grassroot non-profits on technology enablement (including capacity building) to achieve their goals. Currently, Ketto campaigns are raising over Rs. 4 crore per month for various causes. With a database of 5 lakh people and 10,000+ NGOs Ketto has been helping people pay for their life-saving surgeries, cheering them to chase their dreams and supporting NGOs as they make a difference to some of India’s most pressing problems.