for running a community driven digital campaign to feed the needy during the covid 19 lockdown

Initiative: Khaanachahiye- A Thought For Food
Organization: khaanachahiye
Facebook: @khaanachahiye
Twitter: @khaanachahiye
Location: Maharashtra, India

Khaanachahiye – A Thought for Food is an effort to solve the rising problem of hunger during the Covid-19 pandemic in Mumbai by involving citizens in a collective campaign. The initiative quantified demand for food across various data points and utilised unused restaurant kitchens to supply food to the underprivileged people.

The community driven digital campaign involved numerous citizen based projects such as Apni Public Project, The Art Care Project, The Cover Project, Roti Project, Comedy on Zoom, Instagram Live Gigs by musicians and many more in the form of micro-campaigns to amplify the effect of the intervention.

Khaanachahiye distributed over 46.5 lakh meals to the underprivileged and stranded migrants serving a sum of 281 trains containing more than 5 lakh passengers with an additional 1 lakh migrants leaving by road. Moreover, grocery kits were distributed including essential items such as rice, flour, sugar, masks, sanitisers, sanitary napkins, etc.