“For me Social Media is my favorite vehicle for reaching out to the community.”
-Shusmita Khan
“Social Media has been a very key medium for us to reach out to the young population of Bangladesh and create awareness about environmental issues.” -Shehab Shamir
“Social Media is so futuristic.”
-Gautam Chikermane
“Social Media has changed the whole scenario of journalism.”
-Girish Giri
“Social Media is gradually becoming an empowering tool for communities.”
-Osama Manzar
“Social Media has become so prominent that even the President of Srilanka has an official Facebook account.”
-Nalliah Ashokabharan
“Its a great platform to learn something so that going back we can collectively make a united Sri Lanka through Social Media.”
-Supipi Jaywardena
“Social Media breaks all barriers and enable people to come on one democratized and fearless platform to engage themselves in different issues.”

-Arti Mohan
“Youth now has access to the world on their figure tips.”
-Trupti Chengalath
“It’s a great tool for youth activism.”
-Abdullah Dayo
“Social Media is a very evolving kind of situation now.”
“Social Media promotes youth engagements in campaigns and causes to solve problems and issues.”
-Ankhi Das
“Social Media has an important role in highlighting the issues and challenges to deal with.”
-Mahesh Uppal
“Social Media is a real democracy.”
-Anurag Srivastav
“Social Media allows us to have a large reach to communicate health related messages.”
-Bobby Jefferson
“Social Media gives people freedom of expression.”
-Umair Aziz
“It’s a great way to get a dialogue going among social media evangelists.”
-Fatima Alam
“Through Social Media, We, the girls of Pakistan coming out of the box and going global.”
-Sher Bano