Initiative: Menstrupedia
Organization: Menstrupedia Comic
Facebook: @Menstrupedia
Twitter: @menstrupedia
Location: Gujarat, India

Menstrupedia aims at eliminating the social stigma and discrimination around menstruation. It’s being achieved by creating educational materials like ‘Menstrupedia Comic’ and ‘Hello Periods’ that make it extremely easy for parents and teachers to overcome their inhibitions and teach young girls about menstruation at the right age. By enabling widespread menstrual awareness they are eliminating the age old myths and restrictive customs around menstruation, which are extremely detrimental to the growth and development of the young girls. Girls who are prepared for their periods do not drop out of schools during menarche, which results in reduction of gender gap. They have already educated and shared their educational materials with more than 250,000 girls, 120 NGOs and more than 6000 schools, who have incorporated these materials as a part of their curriculum. Their materials are also being used by six state governments and several MNCs for their CSR initiatives.