Initiative: #Digital Hifazat
Organionline safetyzation: Feminism in India
Facebook: @feminisminindia
Twitter: @DigitalHifazat




Making the Internet equal again

#DigitalHifazat is an initiative of Feminism in India that campaigns for a secure and safe Internet for all. This campaign analysed unique threats that women and marginalised sections in India face online and how Indian laws affect these problems.

In India, as is the case all over the world, online harassment of women and marginalised genders and sexualities is rampant. This stands in stark contrast to the Internet’s initial premise of equal opportunities and neutrality. What we have today is a flawed Internet that reflects the offline world we live in, where women and marginalised communities are abused, harassed, threatened, stalked and violated on a daily basis. #DigitalHifazat, therefore, aims at raising awareness on ensuring safety and security of Internet users.

In 2014, Feminism in India ran 16 DOA Campaign Against Sexual Harassment where it asked people to submit personal stories of sexual harassment to shift the focus from survivors to perpetrator. In 2015, it ran the #GBVInMedia campaign where it analysed media misrepresentation and misreportage of gender-based violence. In 2017, Feminism in India has come up with the #DigitalHifazat that campaigns for a secure and safe Internet for all.

#Digital Hifazat has been recognised as a Winner for the year 2017 in the category Online Safety for raising awareness on gender-based discrimination in the online spaces.

Special Mention

iSAFEInitiative: iSAFE Alliance
Organization: iSAFE Alliance
Facebook: @isafealliance
Twitter: @IsafeAlliance
Website: NA




Ensuring a safe Internet for all

iSAFE Alliance is a national Internet safety alliance for e-citizens. It is a brainchild of various organisations working together to create cyber awareness among the general masses.

The initiative believes that there is a dire need of creating a single, nation-wide platform for knowledge dissemination to create cyber awareness. The brains behind iSAFE believe in the integration of all such organisations working across the nation to increase the awareness among the people.

Dependent on social media for information dissemination and awareness, the campaign has been able to reach out to more than 7.5 lakh people already; and is always looking for likeminded organisations to join the alliance.

iSAFE was envisaged by Cyber Peace Foundation & PPF along with the support from Jharkhand Police, National Anti-Hacking Group, Gujarat Technical University, Prahari and The Cyber Blog India.

 iSAFE Alliance has received a Special Mention for the year 2017 in the category Online Safety for creating a platform for knowledge dissemination and cyber awareness

Chairman's Recommendation

IMSInitiative: International Media Support (IMS)
Organization: Bytes for All
Facebook: @BytesForAllPakistan
Twitter: @bytesforall


Securing digital rights

The International Media Support, under its project Bytes for All (B4A), has trained almost 650 journalists, media students, media professionals, bloggers and social media reporters across 60 cities of Pakistan in online safety, privacy, social media advocacy, secure electronic devices, mobile gadgets, mobile apps security, backup, encryption, password management and basic hygiene practices, among others.

The initiative primarily focuses on securing digital rights and freedom of expression for civil liberties; strengthening digital security of human rights defenders and media professionals; ending technology-driven gender-based violence; building a network of like-minded individuals building at a national, regional and global level; and creating a community for environmental sustainability.B4A works on issues like strategic use of ICTs for women empowerment and combating violence against women; freedom of expression; privacy rights; digital security for human rights defenders; open governance; Internet and human rights; and Internet governance. B4A also provides a space and a platform for young researchers or developers who want to track and analyse the trends of ICT usage in different areas of development.

International Media Support (IMS) has been recognised for Chairman’s Recommendation for the year 2017 in the category Online Safety for promoting digital security and safety.