ksrtcInitiative: It’s My Bus
Organization: Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation
Facebook: @KSRTC.Karnataka
Twitter: @ksrtc_journeys




It’s your property to protect

It’s My Bus is a national level public awareness campaign, a first of its kind, to dissuade rampaging mobs from damaging buses.

Started by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation after seven buses were set ablaze during a protest, the campaign aims to promote and highlight the importance of public transport system, especially buses, that are vital to a city/state/country’s connectivity. It is believed that the Karnataka state treasury incurs losses worth Rs. 15-20 crore ever year on accounts of riots and bandh, during which angry mobs set public transport on fire or damage it.

It’s My Bus highlighted legal implications of destroying public property and tried to bring a sense of ownership among the people, highlighting the importance of public properties and their conservation for the general good of the public.

It’s My Bus as been recognised as a Winner for the year 2017 in the category Public Relations for promoting ownership and responsibility towards public transport.

UPInitiative: Twitter Seva
Organization: UP Police
Facebook: @uppolice
Twitter: @uppolice




Serving the state through Twitter handles

Twitter Seva is a service offered by Twitter, exclusively to government ministries or departments that are interested in building a direct grievance mechanism for the public. This service has been adopted successfully and efficiently by the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Police Department for grievance redressal as well as to build a positive image of the UP Police.

The software has been specially customised by Twitter for the UP Police with the capability to generate analytics and monitor the performance of various districts. As part of the initiative, the DGP Headquarters — along with the district, range, zones in the states — have all been assigned specific Twitter handles — a total of 122 — which work seamlessly, in an automated manner, with direct links with the DGP Headquarters that monitors Twitter Seva 24×7. When a grievance is received by the UP Police via Twitter, those managing the Twitter Seva in the department can redirect the tweet to the relevant handle internally and initiate faster action on the complaint.

The initiative has led to an increased sense of safety and security in the state and the image of the UP Police as a force ready to act on complaints. The ease of access to the police has also led to increased communication between the police and the public. The police’s presence on Twitter has also led to more accountability, transparency and efficiency in the department.

Twitter Seva has been recognised as a Winner for the year 2017 in the category Public Relations for its use of social media for efficient communication between the police and the public.