Initiative: Shivya Nath
Organization: The Shooting Star
Facebook: @theshootingstarblog
Twitter: @shivya
Location: Uttarakhand, India

Shivya Nath runs the award-winning travel blog, ‘The Shooting Star’, with over 80,000 monthly readers and 1,25,000 organic social media followers. It focuses on sustainable, solo and offbeat travel. Her stories shed light on social and environmental challenges through the lens of travel, and seek to inspire individuals to adopt creative solutions. Her journey has been featured on BBC Travel, National Geographic Traveller India, NDTV and other national and international publications. Shivya is also the author of a bestselling travel memoir. Shivya charted out her own path in life after quitting her full-time corporate job, giving up her apartment and selling most of her belongings. Now she uses her writing, blogging and social media skills to raise awareness about social and environmental causes close to her heart, while encouraging more Indian women to seek financial independence and chase their dreams.