Initiative: Skin Stories
Organization: Point of View
Country: India
Facebook: @POVMumbai
Twitter: @POVMumbai

Skin Stories is the online publication of the sexuality and disability programme at Point of View. The uniqueness of this platform is that it is solely dedicated to publishing first person narratives on disability, sexuality and gender. A community of growing writers does not only talk about sexuality but a myriad other aspects of living with disabilities and debilitating conditions such as navigating friendships, family, relationships, workplaces, homes, fears, discrimination, stigma, and more. Together, the essays complicate simplistic notions about what it means to live with disability, and bust harmful myths surrounding this issue.

Point of View uses its presence on Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to the weekly Skin Stories and to create room for dialogue on difficult issues around sexuality and disability, all through keeping the social media posts sensitive and respectful. Point of View also organises tweetathons and Facebook Live chats, using #SexDisChat, once a month with authors of Skin Stories, members from partner organisations, activists and influencers from across the world. Through this and more, Skin Stories reach 1,30,000 readers every month.