Organisation Name: Hyderabad City Police
Contact Parson: K. Srinath Reddy, Inspector Of Police, Hyderabad City Police
Country: India
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In today’s modern world, usage of mobile (smart) devices among the public is exponentially growing year after year and outpacing other channels of communication. This generates a tremendous opportunity to deliver public services through the mobile platform, which has the potential to transform the face of citizen service delivery across the state.

With the advent of mobile technology and its reach to the general public, it is imperative to deliver citizen service delivery through innovative mobile apps.   With this in mind, the Hyderabad City Police Department has envisioned citizen services delivery through mobile technology, thus giving birth to ‘Hawk Eye’.

Hyderabad City Police on the eve of New Year 2015 launched a mobile app called ‘Hawk Eye’ to empower members of the public to become citizen police. The unique feature of Hawk Eye is integrating the police communication network system for prompt response to citizens. It also serves as a tool in improving the operational efficiency of the police and in enhancing collaboration between the public and the police, particularly for establishing a safe and smart Hyderabad city.

One of the key features of ‘Hawk Eye’ is an SOS button for accessing help in emergencies and for ensuring women’s safety while travelling. The app also allows the citizen police to report traffic violations, crime around them, criminal information, violations by police, suggestions for improved policing and even good work carried out by the police.