Social Commerce & Enterprise – Winner 2014

Project Title : Eko India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person : Abhishek Khanna
Email :
Country : India
Website :
Faceook Page :

Eko India is a financial service provider that has developed a mobile-based application for providing last mile banking services to low wage earners and rural folk. Local kirana stores or any other retail outlet ties up with Eko to become a customer service point. At these service points customers can use a mobile application to open a no-frills bank account, buy an insurance policy, deposit cash, withdraw cash and transfer money to even remote places in the rural hinterland – all in a matter of seconds. It also helps immigrant workers to better manage their wages. All the customer requires is authentic proof of identity. The company has now developed an application for money transacts through social media suc

as Twitter and Facebook. The application enablesthe user to tweet and send money/pay or to comment on a Facebook post and send money/pay.For example, you can donate or shop online simply by tweeting or sending a Facebook message. The objective is to empower the customer to be able to send money or pay using any kind of social media as almost everyone is now using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Although fully developed the product is yet to be launched.