Social Games and Entertainment – Winner 2014
Project Title : Mera PM Kaun by Neeti Solutions
Contact Person : Parag Mankeekar
Email :
Country : India
Website :
Faceook Page :
Developed and launched by Neeti Solutions, Pune, in March 2014, the Mera PM Kaun is a web-based game that empowers voters to express their views and opinions about social issues and the political leaders who can best handle them. When a player opens the website, caricatures of Rahul Gandhi, NarendraModi jump about on either side of the Prime Minister’s chair while caricatures of Arvind Kejriwal, Jayalalitha, Mamata Banerjee – the ‘others’- grace the lower half of the screen.

The ‘voter’ is presented with a socio-political-economic issue in the form of a hot burning ball of fire that he or she has to throw into the lap of the candidate who might best handle it.The game tries to capture the perception of people about the ‘burning’ issues of India and who they think can best deal with them. At the end of the short game, a quick info-graphic informs the ‘voter’ who is most suitable for the chair and what is the aggregate opinion of other players across the world. Since each player is made to enter their sex, age group and location, the game has analytics engineered into it. Over 60,000 people from India and NRIs have played the game.