Terra Tales has been recognised as a Winner for the year 2020-21 in the category Blogging, Vlogging & Storytelling for sharing audio stories of people from rural & marginalised communities.

Initiative: Terra Tales
Organization: SPS Community Media
Facebook: @spscommunitymedia
Twitter: NA
Website: www.terratales.net
Location: Madhya Pradesh, India

Terra Tales – “Badalti Zameen Palat te Panne” is the initiative of SPS Community Media to narrate the live-in experiences of the poor and marginalised communities whose struggles include availing basic amenities and being outcasted from their society from the central India tribal belt. The local youth are trained with multiple story-telling formats such as podcasts and blogging to share rural India’s socio-economic distresses along with their achievements.

SPS Community Media uses WIX, a free website/blog tool, allowing it to self-publish and archive the content without any third-party interference. As for sharing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp are the preferred mediums to broadcast the content with a larger audience with the sole objective of increasing blog traffic.

There are currently 6 published podcasts in addition to trial stories uploaded of up to 3,750 women from Self Help Groups(SHGs) associated with the NGO.