Undeterred by challenges, The Cyberblog India has reached out to 100,000 people.


The idea behind Cyberblog India is that only awareness is the key to safety. No high tech gadget can safeguard an organisation or its people from security vulnerabilities if users are unaware. Another idea was that cyber crime needs to be addressed because the frequency of attacks has increased exponentially over the last few years in India. And given the Digital India drive and digital inclusion increase, the number of aware users has only been decreasing.

Undeterred by the financial challenges, this student driven initiative has already started consultation services and are looking at building applications to aid law enforcement agencies for criminal investigation in cases of cyber crime. At the bigger level, they are looking at legal and policy reforms failing which no major change is possible.

Spreading awareness about cyber threats and security is a big challenge. People seem not very adaptive to the idea of Online Safety, and thus, to overcome this, Information Security Awareness as an area of study needs to be incorporated in curriculums and also taught to people of all age groups.
“It is definitely a privilege to participate in an event like SM4E and win. This will add value to the work we do and the collaborations that we get into. The event in itself has helped us get in touch with so many like-minded individuals across South Asia who we plan to collaborate with and take things forward,” says Raj, Cyberblog India.

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