for providing tablets to students to join and continue their online education

Initiative: Home School
Organization: Thinksharp Foundation
Facebook: @ThinkSharpFoundation
Twitter: @ThinkSharpFound
Location: Maharashtra, India

The initiative — ‘Home School’ of Thinksharp Foundation is implementing homeschooling models in rural India by providing necessary digital equipment to students and enabling a continuous source of education through the pandemic.

Thinksharp Foundation introduces the model first in Z.P.School, Ghore Budruk village, Pune, where all 70 students of class 4th to 7th standard will be provided educational tables with the ability to connect with teachers, access 1,500 non-academic books, and other educational applications. Moreover, the initiative aims to cover the entire academic syllabus as per state using the multimedia format and reduce drop-out rates.

Home School is currently benefitting 110 students regularly participating in online sessions with the ability to manoeuvre the speed of learning in rural India.