Lahore-based crowdfunding platform has financed 180 surgeries successfully

A number of people in Pakistan are suffering from various chronic diseases which are becoming a matter of serious concern for the country. As a result, scarcity of proper education or health facilities is producing a weaker nation. The annual surgery deficit of Pakistan is 17 Million, which is an alarming statistic. Pakistan being a Third World country has to struggle hard to meet the budget deficits or to keep them from getting worse. Still, the situation has gotten worse and by each passing day. Hence, Transparent Hands was established in order to cater to the emerging problem.

Thus, observing the alarming statistics regarding surgical deficit of Pakistan, it was assessed that there is a need to develop a platform that just not helps the poor patients in finding a donor for their surgeries but on the other hand, also helps credible donors in finding a deserving person for the help. At present, Transparent Hands is dealing with surgery cases only. From its inception, they have worked in Lahore but are gradually expanding their services to the other cities of Pakistan.  Their target is to facilitate the underprivileged areas of under developed countries like India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Africa etc. In the upcoming years it envisions not only to cover the health sector completely but also step into the Education sector.

The major challenges faced in establishing Transparent Hands were to access patients in rural areas, explain the procedure of treatment, inform about the right diagnosis and spread awareness about the crowdfunding platform.

“Winning Social Media for Empowerment Awards is a great step in flourishing Transparent Hands as a global entity that deals with providing free of cost surgeries to the needy patients.

We believe SM4E will prove to be a credible platform through which we would be able to spread our message to the global audience and urge them to help and support the destitute people as much as they can. It has helped Transparent Hands in getting acknowledged and appreciated by the people who look for the needy people to help. The learning that we have gained from SM4E platform is how to use social media in delivering right message to the masses.” Says Rameeza Moin.