Organization: UNICEF Bangladesh
Country: Bangladesh
Facebook: @unicefbd
Twitter: @unicefbd

Ending Child Marriage is a national-level multimedia campaign designed to make prevention and active rejection of child marriage everyone’s responsibility in Bangladesh. UNICEF Bangladesh’s campaign uses strategic media and communication, primarily distributed through social media channels, to challenge the social norms that perpetuate child marriage; promote a new reality of the desired ‘normal’; and address perceived social pressure, beliefs and expectations through accelerating public intolerance.

The major component of the campaign is a series of short videos that use dramatic situations that are relatable to audiences to convey the part that individuals in the community can play to challenge social norms and stop child marriage. These 95-second high-quality videos, circulated through Facebook and YouTube, are effectively packaged to show a compelling scene that begins in a familiar way that would lead to marriage until the daughter, or groom, or neighbor speaks up against and is joined in by everyone around clapping hands to show their agreement. Significantly, the father then accepts the censure. Everyone has a role to play and something they can do.