Social Media helps bridge the gap between the Uttar Pradesh Government, tourists & citizens

“Reason why governmental initiatives lack the support of state residents is because there is a major gap between these two agents of the state. On the part of the government, it fails to reach out to its citizens and brief them about their underlying plan of action. As for the citizens, due to paucity of leads to the government’s sincere intentions, they fail to analyse how the respective initiative will affect their life and so it goes unrecognised. Our aim is to bridge this gap between the government and the residents through social media platforms because we believe in the utility and yielding of web visibility.” Says AC Mishra, on behalf of Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department

At first, the idea of the government going online over social media did not quite settle in the minds of people. This resulted in low response rates from the people over the web cloud. However, the project has gained ample momentum as of date to sustain for the next five years, which in itself is proof of its longitivtiy. Apart from this, cloud availability in terms of network accessibility is often an issue, especially in the interiors of the state. This causes special hindrance in projects involving live Tweeting.

Having covered the vivid aspect of social media coverage such as live Tweeting and snippet posts, the project has marched that extra mile of significant advancement by undertaking a cyber approach to the cause. With the launch of the U.P. Tourism’s application and the Heritage Walk game, designed for both mobile and computer, the project has stirred the cloud scene of the state.

With a bunch of credentials already, the project has now set aim upon a 3D experience for tourists and travelers who flock UP during festivals for celebrations. Much about the plan is yet to be aligned yet. However, it is only a matter of time before we can start expecting to be surprised

The benefit of the social media presence of the department is proving a great step towards communication of the events and schemes of the department with various stakeholders and or the tourists visiting the State.

Department has a twitter reach of around 1800 followers along with a Facebook reach of around 45000 people.

“This award gives a big boost to our confidence.” Says Mishra.