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It’s time women reclaim their space

#IWillGoOut was a nationwide movement that took place on January 21, 2017, when women and girls from 31 cities and towns took to the streets to reclaim their right to safe access to public spaces at all times and to stand in solidarity against a mass sexual harassment incident in Bengaluru on the New Year’s Eve 2016-2017.

The initiative believes that Indian women have had to deal with constant reminders that they do not have control over their bodies in this country, and that it is their responsibility as women to protect themselves from sexual assault and harassment. When men leer at women or grope them, women are blamed for allowing this to happen and not the men who perpetrate these crimes.

#IWillGoOut stands for women’s right to be in public spaces without the fear of being harassed or attacked. It also stands against patriarchy that teaches women to stay indoors, not step out after dark or dress “appropriately” lest men molest or rape them. The initiative strongly believes that every march taken out to reclaim public spaces for safe access for women is vital towards the fight for women’s right over their bodies and their right to safety.

#IWillGoOut has been recognised as a Winner for the year 2017 in the category Women Empowerment for promoting safe access to public spaces for women.

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Bindi Bottoms

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The stories featured on this website range from those about conflict and life experiences to even aspirations. The platform aims to unravel the changing beliefs, aspirations, attitudes and behaviours of today’s women in India. The stories are featured under the broad categories of aspirations and dreams, relationships, technology, memories, times, fears and failures and change.

Bindi Bottoms, in the process of curating stories of women from across the country, hopes to decode the story of societal changes across different life stages and diverse geographies as India evolves year after year. Bindi Bottoms claims to deal with real women of India, some recognised, some celebrated, but all of them protagonists of their own stories. They find, write, share and discuss the stories of real people, real lives private crusades and extraordinary change, both personal and societal.

Bindi Bottoms has been recognised as a Winner for the year 2017 in the category Women Empowerment for sharing extraordinary stories of ordinary women.